Tina Bruno


Tina Bruno was born in Starnberg, Germany. She grew up in the “Alpenvorland” and has been to many Oktoberfests, Christkindlmarks and other traditional Bavarian celebrations. After graduating from high school in Germany, she moved to the US as an Au-pair and attended community college in Cerritos, CA. She met her husband in a speech and debate class and graduated in 2009 with an AA degree in Math, Natural science, and Chemistry. Tina recently bought a house with her family in Linda, CA and everyone is enjoying having more room to grow. She earned her BS in Human and Family Development from ASU in 2018 and her Master’s in Social Work in 2023. She currently works at the Mental Health Urgent Care collecting her clinical hours towards licensure. Tina started teaching at the Turnverein in 2015 and is currently Co-Director of the German Language School. Tina enjoys spending time with her family& dogs, exploring the outdoors, reading, running, and watching German movies.