About us

The German Language School (GLS) is one of the newest sections in the Sacramento Turn Verein (STV). Although the Sacramento Turn Verein had sponsored education in German language off and on previously, it acknowledged such education as an important contribution to the greater Sacramento community with the establishment of the section in 2008.

We aim to provide the highest quality German instruction and cultural experience in a dynamic learning community.

Our mission is to:

We welcome participation by members, students, and interested persons to help us accomplish our mission to the best of our ability. Please feel free to contact our executive board members:

President:  Emily Via, president@stv-germanlanguageschool.org
Vice President:  Alexandra Eller Schwarz, vp@stv-germanlanguageschool.org
Treasurer:  Erich Schwarz, treasurer@stv-germanlanguageschool.org
Secretary:  Sheryl Leamer, secretary@stv-germanlanguageschool.org
Registrar:  Linda Schneider, registrar@stv-germanlanguageschool.org
Publicity/Web:¬†¬†J√ľrgen Utess,¬†publicity@stv-germanlanguageschool.org

Please direct any inquiries related to school matters to:
Tina & Sonja at the following email, director@stv-germanlanguageschool.org (student inquiries, curriculum, course placement)