Cultural & Cooking Classes

German Cooking  (4 weeks, 3-hour classes)

Does your mouth water when you think of Schnitzel, Späzle, and Apfelstrudel? Have you been wishing you could cook the dishes you have experienced or heard of from German speaking countries? Now you can learn how to do just that in a cooking class at the GLS. One of our German Language teachers also happens to be a great cook, and she loves to pass her abilities on to all those who would like to learn. Fortunately, the STV has a kitchen! In this hands-on cooking class, students will make dishes from scratch – and eat them too! Participants do not need to be able to speak German, but they will learn some new German words about the dishes they make. No need to bring anything to the first class meeting, but subsequent homework will consist of bringing assigned ingredients. Let the cooking fun begin!

Due to variable demand, we don’t offer these classes on an ongoing basis. However, if you are interested in attending a cooking class, please use the link below to contact us! We keep a list, and once we have enough people to fill a class, we will schedule one. We expect to do 1-2 of these per year.