Nikolausfeier on December 1, 2023 🎅🏻

Join us for a festive night at the Turn Verein @ 6:00 pm, December 1, 2023

St. Nicholas Day is a cherished celebration in Germany and beyond. Traditionally on December 6, children eagerly await surprises as they leave polished shoes for St. Nicholas to fill with treats like chocolate, cookies, mandarins, apples, and nuts. Excitement is in the air as St. Nicholas himself joins the festivities, possibly bearing gifts for all, clean or not so clean shoes!
(You decide whether to relay the last part to your little ones).

What else is on the agenda?
Getting into the holiday spirit with a Christmas sing-along featuring the Alpentanzkapelle, an English reading of the St. Nicholas story, a heartwarming Christmas play, and the joyous singing of traditional German Christmas songs.